If you ever tried to schedule a sports game and saw yourself entangled in social media and scheduling platforms, you're not alone! And the worst part is that, even then, the end result isn't always the best: conversation gets mixed up, people get confused about the time, the place and the teams and everyone loses out.

At Captain we believe that doing group sports has to be easy. And that's why we try to design solutions tailored to your needs so that you focus on what's the most important about doing sports: having fun!

our App

The Captain App was designed for those who suffer from jumping around between e-mail, Whatsapp, Facebook and Doodle. It makes scheduling, bringing together, inviting and communicating so easy and simple that you only need to worry about your game!


With Captain you can schedule games, call for players and confirm the game is happening without needing Facebook groups, Whatsapp or a Doodle.


In order to use the Captain App you only need a username and your phone number. Just that. It's fast and the data we collect is completely non-intrusive.


You can't reach a player? Within your game you always manage to send a text message or call any of the players.


Communicating is easy

The system for messaging within the App is simple and it was designed to make communication easy. You have the information you need, when you need it and you're notified whenever it arrives.

Manage your group

Managing your group is easy. The Captain adds, removes, chooses other captains and maeks the group maintenance. You only need a phone number!


Scheduling a game can take less than 30 seconds! From there you leave it to the rest of your group and, once you have everyone, you only need to confirm the game is happening!

Bring a Friend

You have a 5 x 5 game, you have 9 people but you're still missing someone? Easy! Add a guest to the game with his number and he's in!

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